João Ferreira Bento

Researcher, Bartlett School of Planning, University College of London


João Bento is a postdoctoral Research Fellow at Bartlett School of Planning, University College London, where he worked as a Teaching Assistant. He developed a PhD focused on the role of national architectural policies in the European Union. In this context, João conducted a Survey on Architectural policies in Europe published into a book with support from the Swedish Museum of Architecture. Graduated as an architect and urbanist from the University of Lisbon, João started his research career at the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering, Portugal. After concluding his PhD, João worked for two years as coordinator of environmental impact assessment teams of major projects at the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA).


Download the presentation: Spatial Design Leadership. The role, instruments and impact of state architect (or similar) teams in fostering spatial quality and a place-making culture across five European states.